Ювелирный магазин Serebro-Bro #1838

Jewelry Shop
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Jewelers - Watchmakers
Белая Церковь
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Less than 50 m2
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49.8038191, 30.1116924

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Jewelry shop Serebro-Bro offers to buy at a bargain price, a huge range of silver products. The online shop "Serebro-Bro" offers to buy at a low price popular 925 silver jewelry samples with gold inserts for guys, men, girls, women at a discount. With us you will find: women's jewelry sets, earrings, women's rings, men's rings, chains, seals, pendants, bracelets, crosses, pendants made from natural materials with an attachment of precious stones. Silver Bro recommends a gigantic selection of collections of the main manufacturers of popular jewelery. The venture contours of the silver jewelery ornaments of our jewelers will draw attention to your individuality and reduce your imperfections. The online store "Silver-Bro" has collected everything in the world stylish color varieties of palettes of precious stones: Swarovski, fianit, pearls, onyx, zirconium, which are presented at a glance subtly. Our jewelry models for record-breaking promotions will be the cutest outfit for your weekend or practical look. With us you always have the opportunity to meet new trends in collections of men's, women's jewelry. Sublime first-class models from our website will bring passion to every woman. With the online store Serebro-bro, you will always tremendously improve your everyday style by buying cheap stud earrings, Crown women's rings, men's rings, chains, signets, cufflinks, wedding rings, guard rings, bracelets, crosses, pendants. Infinitely fashioned silver jewelery will equally bring comfort every day. You can see the decorations of our online store throughout Ukraine in such areas as: Mariupol, Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zaporozhye, Cherkasy. An online store consultant will help to take an accurate alternative to the purchase of intrigued jewelry, will provide an answer to all questions of interest, giving the most extensive advice on delivery, product catalog, payment, order preparation. We are constantly pleased with the organizers of the joint venture, joint purchases and make huge discounts. Our site always sells first-class quality at a low price. For wholesale customers we make a big discount system. Tel: 066-856-44-90, 097-044-11-76. http://serebro-bro.com

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