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European City Guide and Navigator NAVI.CITY

  •  Welcome to the European City Guide and navigator "NAVI.CITY". We hope that our city guide will help you find the necessary information about the location of objects and interesting places in cities and countries of Europe;
  • "NAVI.CITY" - this is a unique portal that combines: 1. City Navigator; 2. Detailed City Maps; 3. Business Directories; 4. City Guides; 5. The feedback system;
  • If you are a business owner, help your potential clients, find your organization in the city!

Advantages of the City Guide NAVI.CITY for business

  • Free registration of companies and organizations;
  • Thousands of users of the "NAVI.CITY" system can become your customers;
  • Free profile with information about your company, on a separate page of the catalog;
  • Ability to add a detailed description, keywords, photos, videos, website and social. network of your company;
  • Automatically generated QR-code on your page, for quick access to your company profile via smartphone.

Advantages of the City Guide NAVI.CITY for the users

  • Detailed cities maps and countries of Europe;
  • Determine your location on the map and nearby objects;
  • Easy sorting by category and search targets;
  • Calculate the distance and route the route to the selected location;
  • QR-code on the page of your chosen company, for quick access to its profile through a smartphone;
  • Maximum adaptation for mobile devices;
  • Free "NAVI.CITY" app on the Google Play Market.

Add a company to the navigator or not?

Marketing research shows that:
  • 50-60% of tourists find and visit urban institutions spontaneously;
  • 20-25% of tourists find interesting places on the city map;
  • 20-25% of tourists find interesting companies on the Internet;
Our conclusion: We need to take care of our customers.

How to use the city map of the navigator?

  • Click on the selected object marker to view information about it. To go to the object description page, click on his photo;
  • To zoom in / out the map, click on the + / - button or double-clicking with the left / right mouse button;
  • To move the map, move it to the desired direction, holding the left mouse button.

How to become our agent?

  • We invite to cooperation the agents of the portal "NAVI.CITY".
  • Start your business with us, in your own city or country.
1. Sign up;
2. Write us about the desire to become an agent in your city, work experience, promotion ideas, state your registration data;
3. Within 3 days, we will reply you by E-mail.