About us

We are a team of young and ambitious professionals from Germany in the field of internet marketing, management and software development.

Once, we set a goal, create a geographic, information system (GIS), which provides an opportunity for users to interact at the B2C, B2B level. To do this, we have combined all the advantages of the city directory and detailed online maps, the advantages of a business directory and a city navigator.

The result of our fruitful work, has become international, European "Navi.City" portal.

Online portal "Navi.City", allows to solve two main tasks:

1. For business.
Promotion and free advertising on the Internet. Business owners can freely announce their company and business in Europe for free;

2. For users.
Users can navigate through European cities, look for organizations, interesting places in the city, determine their location, and make a route on public transport. Possibility to write and read reviews about companies and interesting places in European cities.

Portal "Navi.City" combines the following features, which allow using it, like:

1. European City Guide;
2. European City Navigator;
3. European Catalog;
4. European Business Directory;
5. European Customer Feedback System.

We hope that our City Navigator will help you to find the right information.

Best regards,
"NAVI.CITY" team