How can I add my business or location to the city map? -

To add your business or location to the City Map, you need to complete only 4 steps.



Create an account for free

For a sample of filling the fields, see the screenshot.

Click on the screenshot to enlarge it.

Check your mailbox. We send you a link to confirm your real email. Click on the link to finish registration.


Log in to your account


Click on the button as shown in the screenshot.


Fill in all the fields for your language, as shown in the screenshots.

To fill in the fields for other languages, you need to click on the "COPY TO OTHER LANGUAGES" button. After that, you can save your data.

After checking the data of our managers, information about your business or location will be published.

The verification of your data can be from 6 to 36 hours, after which your information will be published on the "NAVI.CITY" portal.

Screenshot A

Screenshot B

Screenshot C